Lets Study provides accredited and non-accredited courses. Below is a list of the courses and the entity that holds the accreditation.

RE1 & RE5 Workshops, Online Workshops and Study Material

RE1 and RE5 workshops are non-accredited workshops provided and presented by Lets Study. The RE workshops hold no official accreditation by any professional body or education institution and can not be accredited by any entity. .

The RE exams are accredited by the examination body which is currently Moonstone. All RE exams are only provided by Moonstone.

Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Courses

Lets Study has EDTP SETA accreditation for the above courses. Accreditation Number: EDTP011372

Occupational Health and Safety Courses

Lets Study through the parent company Click Certain (PTY)LTD is a current Corporate Member of SAIOHS. Lets Study’s OHS study guides and assessments are in the final stages of completion after which it will be sent to SAIOHS for accreditation. As soon as the accreditation has been approved the site will be updated with the accreditation numbers and relevant details. Please click the image below for the SAIOHS Corporate Membership Certificate.