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New Online Course:
COB & CPD Combo

Now you can get COB 1, 2 and 3 PLUS 7 more FSI approved courses with 18 CPD points

everything you need to

Complete your Class of Business requirements and annual CPD hours

Class of Business: Short-Term Insurance - Personal Lines
(COB 1)

Class of Business: Short-Term Insurance - Commercial Lines (COB 2)

Class of Business: Long-Term Insurance

(COB 3)

Cyber Security



General Code of Conduct (FAIS)

Fundamentals of POPIA

Finance Intelligence Centre Act

The Fundamentals of Anti-bribery and Corruption in South Africa

Live online assistance for

All three Classes of Business

For some people, especially when you are new in the industry, COB can be a little confusing at times.

Included in your package is a live online help session once every month where you can get assistance if you are struggling with your COB.

Simply email your questions before the time and the facilitator will answer or explain each of them and you are welcome to ask questions online during the session.

You will receive an email with all the session dates for the current year and links to invitations where you can book your seat.

your cob and cpd combo

Step by Step

And it is that time of the year again…

…the new CPD cycle for 2021/2022 starts on the 1st of June 2021.

This means that you have to get your CPD hours for the new cycle…

But you have 12 months…

…so what is the big rush?

Yeah right… just think how quickly the last 12 went by,

did you even complete your 2020/2021 hours?

Now you can get a nice neat solution

and no…

we are not going to do it for you. You still have to do it yourself.

Your package is available online, each course as an individual section.

Every time you complete one you will be awarded the certificate online and your FSI points are adjusted to reflect it.

In addition we have added the most needed Class of Business courses

  • Class of Business: Short-Term Insurance – Personal Lines
  • Class of Business: Short-Term Insurance – Commercial Lines
  • Class of Business: Long-Term Insurance

…all included in the same package.

You might want to ask “Why do you need COB?”

The FSCA is getting stricter on the COB’s and they are by law a requirement in the FAIS act.

Class of Business 1, 2 and 3 will cover most people working in the financial sector. These are for Short-Term Insurance – Personal Lines, Short-Term Insurance – Commercial Lines and Long Term Insurance.

So included in the package are the three COB courses as well as 7 additional CPD bearing materials that will give you 18 CPD hours.

Everything is done online and you can study whenever it suits you.

You get a full 12 months access to the package, which comes down to the full cycle of 12 months.

Secure your spot now and start anytime from the 1st of June onwards.

Special Surprise!

For those of you, as are many others, who will always try to find “something else more important” to do when you should be busy with your studies…

We are looking out for you…

and expect a call from us when you are running a bit “behind”.

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