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Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Class Dates

Class dates and the venue details are below. Please let us know in advance when you want to attend so we are prepared for you.

You can make a booking by calling us or completing the form below and we will then confirm your attendance.

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Venue Details

23 Mollie Rd, Whiteridge, Randburg, 1709

Classes start at 9am and conclude at 3pm (15:00)

February 2020

  • 10 February (Monday)
  • 12 February (Wednesday)
  • 15 February (Saturday)
  • 17 February (Monday)
  • 19 February (Wednesday)
  • 22 February (Saturday)

March 2020

  • 2 March (Monday)
  • 4 March (Wednesday)
  • 7 March (Saturday)
  • 17 March (Monday)
  • 18 March (Wednesday)

April 2020

  • 6 April (Monday)
  • 8 April (Wednesday)
  • 20 April (Monday)
  • 22 April (Wednesday)
  • 25 April (Saturday)

May 2020

  • 11 May (Monday)
  • 13 May (Wednesday)
  • 16 May (Saturday)
  • 18 May (Monday)
  • 20 May (Wednesday)
  • 23 May (Saturday)
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