Complete Your Management Course And Prepare To Make A Success Of Your Management Position

You are now the one who has to make the decisions, it also becomes your responsibility to to ensure your staff perform at the levels expected from them.

Going into a management position is a big step forward, and not an easy one at the best of times.

It can become a burden and very stressful, but with the right preparation, knowledge and expertise it will become an extremely fulfilling job.

Our management courses focuses on developing your capability in managing different situations, from simple to very complex. During your course you will learn how to make important decisions and find solutions which are to the benefit of all.

We have two levels of management courses available that you can do via distance learning. The distance learning option will allow you to study in your own time while still receiving all the support you need while doing your course. We also offer E-learning and classroom study.

Students taking a general management course will be expected, while fulfilling their management role, to do a lot of:

  • analyzing
  • decision making
  • and communicating

For this reason the management courses is created to develop strong leadership and communication skills as well as flexibility.

You will also learn how to gain a deeper understanding of the functions you will be required to do including optimizing capital, manpower and resources to reach set objectives even in uncertain economic conditions.

You have two courses to choose from depending on the outcome you are looking for.

This Generic Management NQF Level 4 qualification is intended for:

  • Junior managers of small organisations.
  • Junior managers of business units in medium and large organisations or those aspiring to these positions including team leaders, supervisors, foremen and section heads.

This Generic Management NQF Level 5 qualification is intended for:

  • Mid-level to senior managers of small organisations.
  • Mid-level to senior managers of business units in medium and large organisations who wish to develop their skillset further.

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