Project Management - Intermediate (Includes Basic)

This Project Management Intermediate Course will enable you to freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, face complex project challenges with confidence, prepare you to deal with common challenges and find creative solutions – all within recognized and accepted processes.

This course will be suitable for anyone wishing to advance their project management skills. Project management is a highly marketable skill in our growing economy – we need more skilled and competent project managers.

The Project Management Intermediate is a more in-depth course than the basic course. This certificate teaches you the basics and more advance skills and knowledge.

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The primary purpose of the Project Management Intermediate Course is to provide you with:

A Project Manager is responsible for the successful delivery of the project’s objects and aims.

Moreover, it his or her job to make sure that project goals and objectives are achieved on time, within budget and with the required quality.

Project Managers generally have the following duties and tasks:

  • The drawing up of a detailed project plan
  • Assembling a competent project team and obtaining resources that will be needed
  • Motivating project team members
  • Managing risk in relation to the project
  • Delegating tasks efficiently, and following up on progress
  • Communicating with all relevant stakeholders and providing regular progress reports
  • Negotiating and contracting with external suppliers and service providers
  • Evaluating the project once it has been completed

Qualifying learners working on a project will have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to function more effectively in a professional manner, add value to their job and enhance their ability to follow and implement policies and procedures.

On achieving the competencies included in this qualification, the learners may advance their careers in Project Management, Project Support Services or General Management within an organisation, across all sectors.

It is against this background that the programme has been clustered into the five modules.

Why study Project Management Intermediate?

Project Management is an important part of the global business environment. It is used extensively in business, construction, engineering, manufacturing, the public sector, the military and NGOs to plan, manage, control and evaluate projects. Skilled practitioners are required to meet the demands of industry and the economy.


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  • Grade 10 AND
  • Must be able to read and write in English


This course consists of 5 modules and each module has one compulsory assessment. Once you have worked through your course study material you will complete the assessments, you may send it to us via mail or you can upload it to our learning platform. Within the study material there are also self assessment sections where you can test your knowledge and understanding.

Once you are registered you will receive your printed Textbook, Study guide and assessment folder via courier. Please allow up to 7 working days for your books to arrive.


For the compulsory assessments the pass mark is 60%. The marks are achieved on the assessment and there are no exams.


If you fail your assessment it is not the end of the world. You are allowed to continue without any penalties and do your assessment again. We will assist you until you pass and guide you through the sections that you are struggling with. Out expert tutors and support staff are all here to make sure that you pass.


We have expert tutors and support staff that will assist you if you are struggling to understand the study material. Our support staff are are available on email, phone and online through the learning platform.

Course Outline

  • Project Management Basics
  • Project Management Intermediate
  • Project Teams
  • Organisational Communication
  • Report Writing

Course Content and Modules


  • What is Management
  • The role of the project manager
  • Why are projects undertaken?
  • The project Life Cycle

The Initiation Phase

  • Phase 1: Project Initiation
  • Project Feasibility
  • Identifying the stakeholders
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of clients

The Planning Phase

  • Phase 2: Project Planning
  • The importance of planning
  • What is a project management plan
  • How to draw up a project plan
  • What is the scope
  • The work breakdown structure
  • Cost breakdown structure
  • Organisation breakdown structure
  • Structures combined
  • What is project time management

Project Execution

  • Phase 3: Project Execution

Project Closure

  • Phase 4: Project Closure


Project Leadership

  • Leadership and Management
  • Five Habits of Highly Effective Conflict Resolvers
  • Delegation

HR Management

  • Human resource management
  • Team Development
  • The five stages of Team Development

Risk Management

  • Identify and plan for Risks
  • Risk Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • The Process of Managing Risk
  • Monitoring and Controlling Risks

Project Cost Management

  • Introduction
  • Project Contract
  • Project Cost Management

Quality Management

  • Quality Management


  • Communication
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Reporting


Projects and Project Teams

  • Project fundamentals
  • Project teams

Creating a Project Teams

  • Characteristics of a project team

Conducting Team Meetings

  • Team meetings
  • Introductory meetings
  • Pitfalls to successful meetings

Communication in a Project Team

  • Listening skills
  • Verbal communications
  • Feedback

Decision-making in a Project Team

  • Methods of decision-making
  • Conflicts and consensus

Preparing Teams for Project work

  • Empowerment and motivation
  • Change management
  • Existing project team improvement


Communication Basics

  • Communication process
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Eight C's of communication

Leadership and Motivation

  • Leadership
  • Difference between managers and leaders
  • Leadership styles
  • Motivation
  • Theories of motivation

Stress, Interpersonal Relationships and Conflict

  • What is stress
  • Potential causes of stress
  • Managing stress
  • Interpersonal relationship and conflict
  • Managing organisational conflict

Information Systems & Technology

  • Information systems
  • Components of Information Systems
  • Characteristics of useful information
  • Classification of information systems

Innovation and Change

  • Nature of Innovation and change
  • Degree of innovation
  • Areas of organisational change
  • Resistance to change
  • Organisational Communication & Behaviour Communication basics

Power, Politics, and Diversity

  • Interpersonal bases (sources) of power
  • Structural bases (sources) of power
  • Power strategies / dimensions
  • Politics
  • Factors contributing to political behaviour
  • Way to reduce politics at the workplace
  • Diversity


  • Introduction to report writing
  • The planning process
  • Pre-writing
  • Writing and editing your report
  • Documents used in the workplace

Course Duration

The Intermediate course consists of 5 Modules and 5 Assessments. It will take 5 to 8 Months to complete your course.


This is a provider course and does not count for any NQF points and does not lead toward any accredited full qualification

Upon successful completion, the learner will receive a Certificate from Lets Study.

Course Fee: POR

The course price includes all the study material that will be required to complete the course.

Payment Plans are available

Group Discounts can be discussed.

Project management is a career for the analytically-minded as it requires a methodical approach to planning and guiding the operations of different teams. It is the job of a Project Manager to direct, supervise and control an entire project from start to finish; making sure that everyone does what is required of them on a deadline. The role of a Project Manager is one of great responsibility. Their planning skills, ability to forecast and avoid problems, skill for diffusing workplace conflict and excellent negotiation skills help save money, and as a result have made their skill-set desirable by the majority of South African businesses.

The best project managers are those who consistently deliver, on time and within budget. They achieve this by understanding that effective people management and keeping employees happy should not be overlooked. This course will build on those skills, and also train you to become an effective Project Manager through courses that ensure that you are ready to excel in this field.


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