Promise to Self

So if you are here I do believe you are ready to commit to yourself to do the important things, no matter how much you dislike them.

Go ahead and leave your comment, it will push you to remember each time you find an obscure nonsensical reason not to do something that is actually important and will move you ahead.

Please share as well.

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I have a confession…

maybe more calling myself out on a bad habit.

It is very possible you have the same habit…

In 2021 (a few days away) I promise to change this.

So what is this bad habit we both have…

It starts with my daily “To Do” list

I do list them from highest priority downward…

…but I rarely (if ever) do them in that order.

Thinking on it, it is actually dumb!

If I had been doing it in priority I would have most likely got a lot more done…

…and that means I would have moved forward more, and most likely earned more money or free time.

I suppose putting a checkmark beside the “non-essential” items gives me a psychological boost when they are done, but who am I kidding – right?

Maybe you’re doing the same thing?

If so, we need to both “knock it off” and focus on things that move the needle.

I’ve made a vow to do the things at the top of the list in 2021, no matter how much I will hate it.

What about you?

If you see yourself in this picture…

Make a promise to yourself…

And write a comment on this page below of your intention.

It might just help you keep the promise to yourself and be the foundation of a good 2021 for you.

Go… write the comment now and hold yourself to it.

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  1. Sophie mthimunye

    I was born a winner, i believe that nothing shal stands on my way of prosperity hence hinder my life expectancy. I am doing it because i know that i had to @2021

  2. Xandra

    I have what it takes. and also have a powerful spirit to achieve whatever i put my mind to. I’m going all out in 2021. For no weapons or obstacle formed against me shall prosper. I’m coming for each and everything.

  3. Khensane

    I am the best.i am who/what I want to be,I have what it takes to be what/who I want to be 20210is my year I am not going to waste any of my precious time I will always priorities my important priorities.

  4. Sindisiwe

    I believe I am a force of possibilities and anything I put my mind to I can accomplish

  5. Future

    I am capable and i can do everything i put my mind unto am an achiever 🤩🤩

  6. Nthabiseng

    I will not stop pushing until I get to where I Want to be..I’ll also put a positive attitude;be optimistic and be eager to pull through.

  7. Thabang Nkwana

    In 2021 I want focus on my studies I want to complete my degree but before I must complete RE certificate and my drivers license ….

  8. Yamkela Ntlangule

    Nothing is only for other people, I am as capable and deserving.

  9. Corrine

    All things are possible through Jesus Christ who lives in me. I will continue prioritizing and doing my work excellently. 2021 is an awesome year.

  10. Sauda Abdool

    2021,year of possibilities and prosperity . I shall never give up, keep pushing myself to greater. 2020 was a year of reflection, I promise to be the best version of myself,never loose hope, keep persevering and faith when days are rainy, a rainbow shall follow!!!!

  11. Gabriel Ntshoe

    I believe that I’m a force to be reckoned.2021 I will stop procrastinating no matter how bad i hate to do something as long as it is worthy to me or people surrounding me, If good is the enemy of great then i wanna be great in 2021.

  12. Sibongile Malindisa

    In 2021 I want to focus on getting my RE certificate…

  13. Maloka Madidimalo

    I am going to do and submit my assignments on time, study enough before the exams. I am going to complete the facilitator course followed by the assessor. Lastly I will publish my Grade R big books in 2021.

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