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Pass Your RE Exam Like An “Insider” While Being Completely Ethical

I get it… the RE Exam is not something you want to do

… it is something that is being forced upon you… and who likes that, right?

Worst of all, they make the exam difficult so you have to spend YOUR time and effort to study really hard and long hours…

And maybe you have already tried once or twice before…

Now you still have to go do it all over again.

For more information please call us OR complete the form below where a course expert is standing by to assist you.

“I want to truly take this moment in time to thank you guys and the supporting team for assisting me to finally exam (RE1). As you know I failed 3 times in the past 60 days and had it not been for you guys I would have kept on failing and making the same mistakes due to the mock exams provided by the SETA and the lack of explanation thereof. I am more than hapy to vouch for you guys as being the most diligent study group when it comes to RE and the examination thereof. Kind regards”.
Gill Liverdos
I am pleased to advise I have passed by RE1 exam. I done my workshop last week 10th/11th July. Although I didn't have time to complete the KI parts of the workshop together with you I managed to get through the exam. Given the short space of time I had, unfortunately I had to do the exam. I passed with 67%. Not the highest mark but atleast is a pass. Thank you for your help, much appreciated...
Shabashnie Govender
“I want to Lets-study and the team behind them for squizing me in at the last minute to attend the RE5 workshop two days before having to write my exam for the third time. Without you guys I would not have passed as the system makes one feel so de-motivated through the lack of understanding the correct concept applicable in each situation. Would have definitely failed again if I have not attended your workshop”.
Cindy Oukamp
Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know I passed the RE Exam last month. I had written on the 24/06/2019 and achieved 78%. Thank you once again.
Sheena Singh

Why… Why… Why…

Well, the RE is a licence, like a drivers licence. If you want to drive a car you have to get one. Same here, if you want to work in the financial industry, like it or not, you have to get your licence.

At the end of the day your job and your income is directly connected to your licence…

The good news is: You only need to do it ONCE!

We Can Help You Pass Your RE Exam

But before we get to how we can help you, here are three questions similar to what you will find in a RE exam. Note down your answers and I will show you the correct ones a little later.

Question 1

Jan and Marie of Dorpie Makelaars sell insurance policies within a small rural farming town, but both unfortunately tragically passed away in a tractor accident. Their FAIS business matters need to be wrapped up but it is discovered that Jan was acting as the accountant and compliance officer. They had no lawyer but there was a valid will and a surviving daughter.
Which statement is true?

A) Clients of Dorpie Makelaars will have to contact the Financial Sector Conduct Authority to assist in transferring their business to another Financial Services Provider.
B) The FAIS Commissioner will determine that due to the dishonest behaviour of Jan a fine must be issued against Dorpie Makelaars.
C) The daughter must apply to the FAIS Commissioner to take steps to suspend the license immediately.
D) Executor of the deceased’s estate must provide reasons to the commissioner in writing for the lapsing of the licence.

Question 2

A Financial Services Provider is licensed to sell short and long-term deposits, long term insurance Cat B1 and short-term insurance personal lines. Sandy will complete her B. Com in Economics in 1 years’ time and is joining the Financial Services Provider as representative with no previous experience in the financial industry.

Which of the following must take place if the Financial Services Provider appoints Sandy as representative?

i. Sandy must complete the product specific training and class of business training before appointment.
ii. Sandy may only sell short-term insurance personal lines since this subcategory has the least onerous requirements.
iii. Sandy must complete a supervision agreement and then can be placed on the register under all product categories.
iv. Sandy must undergo a lie detector test to ensure she meets the honesty and integrity requirements

A) i & iiii only
B) iii & iv only
C) i, ii & iv only
D) i, ii and iii only

Question 3

The FAIS Commissioner may declare a business practice undesirable, after consultation, if which of the following factors are present?

i. The business practice must have had a lot of bad publicity in local media, alerting the general public to potential harm.
ii. The business practice must have, or be likely to have, a direct effect resulting in unreasonable prejudice to clients.
iii. The business practice must be likely to have an effect resulting in unfairly affecting a client and, if allowed to continue, defeating one or more objectives of the FAIS Act.
iv. The business practice must have been reported to the FAIS Ombud.

A) i & iv only
B) iii & iv only
C) ii & iii only
D) i, ii; iii & iv

They don’t make it easy… right?

And they have an entire bank of these questions which are randomly selected for each exam, so no two exams are ever the same.

Here are the answers to the three questions.

Question 1: D

Question 2: A

Question 3: C

How We Help You Pass

Remember, you only need to do this ONCE, get it right this time…

We offer a two day workshop where you you will learn:

You will discover all of these and much more during your workshop after which you will be prepared to write your exams.

The Four Sections of The Exam

The best way to answer the questions is to identify the different levels and answer them in a specific sequence that will eliminate the confusion caused by the questions mixed up.

This is where most people fail the exams.

During your workshop you will be shown how to identify these levels and then answer according to where it is applicable. This will make it much easier for you to keep your train of thought to what is asked and the correct answers without the confusion.

Exam Questions and Pass Rate

The pass mark for RE exams is 65%, for the RE5 that is 33 correct from the 50 and for RE1 it is 52 of the 80 questions.

The exam papers are computer generated from a question bank which means that each paper is different. With the volume of questions available, similar to a lotto, there are millions of variations.

So unlike other exams, studying mock exams only gives you an idea of what to expect, the chances that you will see even one of the questions from a mock exam are highly unlikely.

This is why it is so important to know and understand the material.

Once you have that right any question thrown to you will be much easier to answer…

And in addition if you know the sequence in which to answer the questions (that always remains the same) it is easier to answer. Each section has questions that are always in the same order but they are mixed within the exam paper.

Your Study Material

When you attend the workshop you will receive the latest study guide in printed format with the latest updates. The study guides are exclusive to us and you will not get them from any other provider.

To pass the exam you ONLY need the study guide, there is no need to purchase any other book or material.

The RE study guide consists of 144 pages and covers RE1 and RE5.  Because the material is condensed into exactly what you need it cuts down enormously on your study time and you can get more time to do the things you like… which I believe you will certainly prefer to do, right?

Mock Exams

We all know about studying old exam papers, but for the RE exams that does not work due to randomly generated papers.

What the mock exams however do is give you an idea of what you can expect when writing the exam. You understand the format of the questions, how they are asked…

And when you apply the sequence in which to answer them, which you will learn during your workshop, you will have much more clarity when writing your real exam.

With your study guide you will also receive a download link with mock exams for you to practice on getting you ready for your exam.

If You Attend The Workshop What Are Your Chances Of Passing?

Well, we can’t write the exams for you… But here are some of our students

I just received the below email from Moonstone and wanted to thank Anna very much for the input that she had in helping me achieve this result. The course with you was most informative and made this a relatively easy qualification to obtain. Please send Anna my most sincere thanks for her input! Kind regards, **** Name of the examination: RE5 Regulatory Examination: Representatives in all Categories of FSPs Date: 28/01/2019 Venue: Port Elizabeth PPK Kabegapark Result Status: Pass Result: (%) 84
Tarryn Singleton
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me to pass my RE after a struggle for a long time. I finally made it. I attended on the 19th & 20th January and i wrote on the 29th and I passed. Keep up the good work. Kind regards
I am so so so excited to let you know that iv passed my RE5 exam with a distinction of 82%. I attended the workshops 2 weeks back. I wrote yesterday and I passed this time around. Thank you so so much to Let's Study thank you for preparing me to win. I am eternally grateful
Phelisa Siboyana

… during 2019 exams written by our students the pass rate was 84,3%.

Hey, we want a perfect score… but this is the real world and on the day it sometimes just doesn’t all come together…

This is life and it happens… and we will never claim what we cannot provide.

However We Have A Guarantee…


If you do not pass your RE Exam after attending one of our workshops we will pay you back R 750,00 (33%) of the workshop fee and you may keep all the material that we supplied you with.

The guarantee has the following terms:

  1. You must attend our workshop for the full duration of the workshop (2 days)
  2. You MUST get 66% or more for the section in the exam related to “Code of Conduct”. It is specified in your exam results as Code of Conduct.

If you get less that 66% for Code of Conduct you do not qualify for the guarantee.

WHY: Code of Conduct is material that you have to learn, the material cannot be explained as it is factual and you have to learn it by self study.

Here Is What You Get

Add to this a little self study time and you are giving yourself the best possible chance to pass your RE exam.

What Is The Cost Of The Workshop?

The cost for attending the two day workshop, the printed study guide, USB stick with the mock exams, lunch, coffee/tea on both days is R 2275,00. This includes the registration fee of R 250,00.

How Is The Workshop Fee Paid?

There are two options for payment.

You may choose to pay the full amount today and we complete your registration


You can pay the registration fee today and the balance seven days before the workshop. (your seat for the workshop is booked)

What To Do Next

Click the link below and complete the application to attend the workshop. You will then receive a call from us to verify your details and answer any questions you might still have.

Click Here To Apply

We will send you an invoice with the amount as you chose to pay.

As soon as we receive your payment your seat will be booked for the workshop you chose.

You will receive a verification that your booking has been made, and we will notify you ahead of time when your workshop is. (just in case you forget…)

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Apply today for the RE1 or RE5 workshop inclusive of our printed Study Guide (Value R540).  We are the only institution that offers a REAL GUARANTEE not available anywhere else.

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Are you ready for Regulatory Examinations?

The FAIS Act and its subordinate legislation prescribe a number of requirements that individuals who provide financial advice/services on behalf of a financial services provider must meet.

One of these requirements is that all financial services providers, representatives and key individuals have to pass the industry’s Regulatory Examinations before certain deadlines.

Lets Study  offers you all the tools you need to succeed in the Regulatory Examinations.

Thorough preparation is essential!

What determines a student’s success in the regulatory exams?

We offer support to a large number of advisers, and it is our informed belief that passing the examinations is dependent on a combination of the following:

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